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Sheriff's Office to discuss investigation into in-custody inmate death

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 The York County Sheriff's Office showed the media video tape of the night Joshua Grose died in their custody.

It showed Grose banging his head into a wall and window while in a chair that supposed to restrain disruptive detainees. 

Deputies placed a helmet on Grose to try to protect him. The video showed a deputy hitting Grose several times to help bring him under control.  Grose was placed on suicide watch. 

Deputies say Grose kept screaming "Kill Me" and "I want to die by police." EMT's were called twice.  The first time it was decided Grose did not need to be transported to the hospital. 

The second time EMT's arrived Grose was unresponsive. Preliminary results show Grose died from blunt force trauma to the head. 

Sheriff Bruce Bryant says his deputies did nothing wrong.

"He was out of control," Bryant said. "We are not psychologists and all what people think we can do. We work with what we got."

The Sheriff's office has completed an internal investigation into the death of Joshua Matthew Grose, who died in custody in October.  They report they are in the clear.

SLED will do the next investigation to see if the Sheriff's office is in the clear.  That investigation will take 3-6 weeks to complete. 

The Sheriff's office is thinking about several changes to make inmates safer.  Using medicine to calm uncontrollable inmates, getting a new restraint chair and providing better accommodations for detainees under suicide watch are all under consideration. 

The York County Sheriff's Office says Josh Matthew Grose, 34, was found unresponsive by officers and was taken to the hospital by EMS on October 20, 2013.  

Grose was being held on charges that he had run over and killed his mother with a car. Also charged with murdering another woman and severely beating his uncle. 

After he was arrested, investigators say Grose attempted to drown himself in the cell toilet.  He also repeatedly hit his head on his cell wall.

Detention officers responded by putting him in a special restraint chair.

Investigators say they noticed a laceration on Grose's head and called in medical personnel to check out his injuries.  No stitches were required.

According to Sheriff's Office officials, Grose was found unresponsive an hour later during rounds. He was given CPR and rushed to Piedmont Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. 

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