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ASU Students on alert after bogus police stop


An alert has been issued to all students at Appalachian State University after a student reported she was stopped by a blue light, but it was not a police officer.

The student told authorities she was driving up Hill Street adjacent to campus last Friday morning when a car pulled in behind her and flashed a blue light. The vehicle was unmarked, but she pulled off the road and a man from inside the vehicle approached the driver's side window of her car.

Police say the man warned the student about speeding and after a brief conversation, he went back to his car and the student drove off. That student thought something was wrong because the man was not in uniform and appeared suspicious.

Appalachian State University Police confirmed to her that the man had to be an impersonator. Though this situation ended without incident, police are concerned that the man might take it a step further.

"It's scary not knowing whether the person pulling you over is really a cop," said ASU junior Kristen Camejo. Alise McDaniel, a junior from Charlotte, said she is worried too. "There's a lot of crazy people out there who might do this," she said.

Police are advising students that even unmarked patrol cars will have a siren to go along with any blue lights. Anyone being pulled over is advised to listen for the siren, put their own flashers on and pull into a well lit area. Make sure whoever approaches the car has a valid I-D.

If you are still not sure, authorities advise you to call 911 dispatchers to find out if the person stopping you is indeed a police officer.

"Use caution," said ASU Police Captain Johnny Brown, who added, "If you think there is something suspicious in how a traffic stop is going down, always call 911."

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