Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron, donning my mukluks for this week's weather. Eric Thomas is still tracking a chance of snow for the mountains, and for Charlotte. We'll check his First Alert Forecast on WBTV News at 5:00.

Can you believe the devastation from the typhoon in the Phillappines? It's unfathomable that upward of 10,000 people may be dead, with thousands of bodies floating up on beaches. This super "phoon" had wind speeds of 195 mph. We're looking at what the US Government and other private agencies are doing to send relief aid.

It's Veterans Day-- a time to thank each and every member of the US Military, both and present. Here in Charlotte, the French government honored 15 World War Two veterans for their part in liberation from the Nazis. All 15 were awarded the National Order of the Legion of Honor.

Plus, there's not only a chance of snow, but very good odds for the Panthers making the playoffs with a hard-fought 10-9 victory over San Francisco. Go cats!

We'll see you at 5:00PM.