Go back in time with the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma

Go back in time with the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma
new Toyota in NC
new Toyota in NC
Toyota Tacoma near Charlotte
Toyota Tacoma near Charlotte
The N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma is approaching its 20-year anniversary, which will be a huge milestone for this compact pickup truck. Within all of these years, this new Toyota near Charlotte achieved some great success. In fact, it's the best-selling compact pickup truck in America and has won numerous awards for its value, reliability, safety and more! However, this level of success didn't happen overnight, as it took time to get to where it is today. This is why our Toyota dealership is sharing the history of this new Toyota with you!

Delve into the beginning of the Toyota Tacoma near Charlotte

Although the Toyota Tacoma in N Charlotte is extremely popular today, it's not the original Toyota truck. In fact, Toyota released its first truck in 1935, but the Toyota Tacoma wasn't released until 1995. Here's a look at what happened in between this time:
  • The first Toyota truck was named the G1, which was built strictly for commercial use. After this was the first Toyota compact pickup truck – the Toyopet. Neither of these vehicles made it to the American market, but marked a new beginning for Toyota! 
  • The first Toyota truck to make it to the U.S. was the Stout in 1964. Although the Stout didn't achieve instant success, it built a strong reputation as a reliable vehicle. This reputation carried over to Toyota trucks to follow. 
  • The next pickup truck from Toyota was the Toyota Hi-Lux, which replaced the Stout in 1969. This new Toyota lasted for three generations, as it offered a more car-like appearance, increased power and added space. 
  • In 1976, the Toyota Hi-Lux was renamed the Toyota Truck and completely redesigned three years later. It became the first Toyota to offer four-wheel drive, which made it not just for working anymore, but also for off-roading and everyday driving. 

N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma makes its entrance!

Like we said, the Toyota Tacoma was released in 1995. It took Toyota trucks to a whole new level, as it was completely redesigned inside and out! Along with its new all-American name, this new Toyota had a reconstructed frame, adapted suspension, new sheet metal and three different engine options. Other highlights from its past include:
  • The addition of the Pre-Runner in 1998, which had a refreshing new image and more safety features
  • The release of the S-Runner in 2001, which had some new style elements and performance enhancements
  • The second generation of the Toyota Tacoma in 2005, which is also when the X-Runner replaced the S-Runner
  • The beginning of production of this new Toyota at the assembly plant in Texas, which made it a truly American truck

One of the biggest milestones for the Toyota Tacoma was in 2005, when it became the best-selling compact pickup truck in America. It continues to hold this title to this day!

This new Toyota in N Charlotte has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the truck segment. Now still in its second generation, it gives drivers all of the style, power and performance they could want. 

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