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Gastonia teen involved in car crash was fatally shot, police say


The Gastonia Police Department say they are still searching for the person who killed a high school student, found in a wrecked car on Saturday night.

At 6:15 PM they responded to a car crash. When they got there, they found the 17-year-old driver had been shot.

Police say the shooting occurred in the 1800 block of West Third Avenue and the crash happened in the 1700 block of West Garrison Blvd.

Police said they notified Brandon McCall's family about his death. McCall was a senior at Hunter Huss High School.

Police believe the victim and the suspect knew each other and this was not a random act of violence.

A classmate from school, Stephanie Rhyne said she recognized McCall's car that crashed right outside her home.

Her mother, Betty Rhyne called 911.

"I told them there was a wreck," said Betty Rhyne, "I didn't know that the boy had shot until the first police officer got on the scene. And then I heard people saying, 'There's a bullet hole. There's a bullet hole.'"

Betty Rhyne said she held Brandon McCall's head right before he died.

"I was hollering his name out saying he would be okay," said Betty Rhyne.

But he wasn't okay. Gastonia police said his car crashed into an SUV on the 1700 block of West Garrison Blvd. Stephanie Rhyne said McCall wasn't alone that two of his friends were in the car at the time and got out okay. She said she saw a bullet hole in the driver's side door. She said one bullet went through Brandon McCall.

"I feel sorry and bad for him because school's Tuesday," said Stephanie Rhyne, "Like he just didn't know this was going to be his last moments."

The Rhyne family said they want to see the violence stop. And they want the McCall family to know they are sorry for their loss and they're praying for them. 

Police said they are still investigating. Gastonia police said anyone with information in this case is asked to contact them. Their number is (704) 866-6702.

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