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Hockey and girl power

Team Carolina is an all girls hockey team, ranging from ages 8 to 12. Any doubts about their ability are quickly shut down by watching a practice, or talking to Chris Bathgate, one of the coaches.

"There's no cream puffs here; the girls are out here to play hockey just like the boys. They have to compete in a sport that's boy dominated, they have to be tougher than average," Bathgate said of his pink-laced skating girls.

A lot of the girls play in co-ed leagues until their Team Carolina season begins, so they know all about the looks and comments people have- but the extra challenge doesn't bother them.

"Some boys say oh they're girls they probably can't skate that hard- so let's go easy on them," 11 year old Jacqueline Aiello told me, and when I asked what she thought of that...  "I'm a girl and anything you can do, I can do."

Team Carolina has their first game in January, in the meantime, they'll be practicing and proving that hockey isn't just for boys.

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