Flakes flying in Charlotte soon?

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron getting ready for WBTV News at 11:00.

Snow-- did I get your attention? There is an outside chance we'll see flakes flying next week. Eric Thomas is working on his forecast and right now, he's leaning toward us seeing a mid-November snow fall.

Who would purposely try to run over a deputy on a motorcycle? Tonight in East Charlotte, police say a 47-year old man tried to back over Deputy Billy Allen on WT Harris Boulevard. Allen was injured and fired shots to get the man to stop, but he took off. A short while later, two officers spotted the man and called the blue and whites in to nab him. We're finding out about the man they arrested.

Parents and police are concerned about a child predator at-large in Gaston County. He's twice tried to lure kids into skipping school to drink alcohol and look at pornography. None of the students have fallen for it. But there was a recent case of a man trying to grab a boy at a local park. Police think it could be the same guy.

Did you watch the 'Undercover Boss' show on WBTV tonight? It featured the CEO of Charlotte based Family Dollar, Mike Bloom, who came across as very likeable. I particularly enjoyed seeing him try to run a fork lift. Brigida Mack speaks with Bloom about his appearance on the program.

And don't you dare forget, it's another Football Friday Night.