Child predator loose

Happy Friday everyone. This is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

A child predator has parents on edge in Gaston County. Twice this week, a man has tried to lure students into his car before school, promising alcohol and porn. Reporter Steve Crump is in Mount Holly tonight talking with police and concerned parents.

This has been a week of coaching medical problems.  First, John Fox of the Denver Broncos needed heart surgery in Charlotte.  Then, Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texas collapsed from a minor stroke.  Tonight, Charlotte Bobcats coach Steve Clifford needed two stents placed in his heart.  Patrick Ewing will become active coach for tonight's game.

Remember the 16-day government shutdown in September? Would you think businesses would hire people while the politicians battled in DC? They did. The latest jobs report shows more than 200-thousand people went back to work.

Good news for hikers and nature lovers-- the US Forest Service just purchased almost one-quarter mile of additional Catawba River frontage for public trout fishing. Foothills Conservancy sold the property for a mere $105,000.

If you wait until afternoon, these November days are warming up nicely. But Eric Thomas says it's tomorrow morning that could be a real chiller.

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