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Investigators return to home were man was killed, daughter assaulted


A strange call from a crime scene prompted investigators to return to the scene of a murder in eastern Rowan County. 

It's the house on River Road in eastern Rowan County where J.D. Furr was found dead in his backyard, and his daughter, 62-year-old Sandra Steen was found on the ground clinging to life nearby.  

Friday afternoon there were nearly as many cars at the J.D. Furr Farm as there were when the crime was discovered on Wednesday morning.

Responding to a report that Jeff Steen, the grandson of J.D. Furr and son of Sandra Steen, was back on the property removing crime scene tape, deputies and investigators returned to the house.  

When WBTV got to the house, there was no sign of Steen, but there were several deputies and crime scene investigators.

They spent time walking and looking in the area where the body of J.D. Furr was found, but would not make any comment. 

WBTV checked with the Clerk of Court's office and there are no active search warrants for this property.

Meanwhile, Sandra Steen is still in the hospital, but she has communicated with investigators.  No arrests have been made and investigators have not released any kind of description of a suspect in the case. 

Investigators say they believe robbery was the motive, and they say they believe J.D. Furr and his daughter were attacked between 7:30 Tuesday night and 8:20 Wednesday morning.

Anyone with information is asked to call Rowan-Salisbury Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

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