11-year-old girl holds national records in weight lifting

Pint-sized power lifter

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - Bayleigh Gentieu spends less than an hour a week at the gym. But in one short year, the 11-year-old middle-schooler has made enough progress in powerlifting to slay a whole slew of state and national records.

21 State and National records to be exact, in 5 events and 3 weight classes.

"It's impressive to me number one that she can pick up that much weight. I won't wrestle her any more, she'll hurt me," said Bayleigh's dad Greg.

Greg is a Trooper with the NC Highway Patrol, Bayleigh's Mom Cindy is a Desert Storm war veteran. Toughness runs in her blood.

Two weeks ago at an Ironboy Powerlifting competition, Bayleigh brought the house down when she pulled another National title, and 170 pounds up off the ground in a deadlift. When she saw her lift passed by the judges, she looked to the crowd of screaming fans, and flexed for them.

"When I see the crowd gets excited, I get excited and that's what makes me lift better," Bayleigh said.

Bayleigh works out about 45 minutes a week with her dad who's also a lifter. Even though she's only 11, her doctor has given his blessing to her pursuit of more weight and more records. Her next even is November 9th in Morganton.

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