ALERT for parents/students: Man trying to lure kids near school

Hello, it's Christine Nelson checking in with you on this Friday, November 8. This email is your first look at the stories making headlines. A lot went on overnight to get you caught up on. WBTV News This Morning is on from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

Officials want parents and their children to be on high alert in Gaston County. That's where they say a man is trying to kidnap children. We covered this story before but apparently this perpetrator has struck again. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee got more details on what this man is saying to children to try to get them in his car. It's creepy. Tune in for details.

Philippines typhoon: One of the most powerful typhoons ever is taking dead aim at the Philippine Islands overnight. And the video we have into the newsroom is incredible. Tune in for that.

Plus, are you angry or indifferent about Black Friday sales starting on Thanksgiving morning? How do you think the people who have to work that day feels? We talked to some of them and learned protests may be in store.

And we have the latest on the search for some local missing teens.

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