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Former Cherryville Police officers sentenced in conspiracy case

Casey Justin Crawford, 33 Casey Justin Crawford, 33
David Paul Mauney, III, 23 David Paul Mauney, III, 23

Two former patrol officers with the Cherryville Police Department were handed down prison terms for their role in a conspiracy involving the transportation of stolen goods and cash, U.S. Attorney Anne M. Tompkins announced Thursday.

Casey Justin Crawford, 33, and David Paul Mauney, III, 23, both of Cherryville, were sentenced to 33 and 18 months in prison respectively. Each defendant was also ordered to serve one year of supervised release and to pay a $200 special assessment fee.

Crawford and Mauney each pleaded guilty in January 2013 to one count of conspiracy to transport and/or receive stolen property and one count of conspiracy to extort under color of official right.

U.S. Attorney Tompkins said, "When public servants break the law out of greed, it diminishes our faith and harms the public's trust in our system. Today's sentencings of the former Cherryville police officers underscore my office's commitment to rooting out corruption wherever it lurks, and bringing to justice those who put personal gain above the law they were sworn to uphold and protect."

"They vowed to protect and serve, but instead these former police officers sold their badges to line their own pockets. While the vast majority of law enforcement officers are honest and hardworking, these prison sentences today should send a strong message to those who betray the public's trust. Public corruption at any level will not be tolerated," said John A. Strong, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Charlotte.

John Ashley Hendricks, 48, also of Cherryville, was also sentenced to two years of probation, to include six months of home detention with electronic monitoring. He was also ordered to serve 160 hours of community service and to pay a $1,000 fine plus a $200 special assessment fee.

Hendricks also pleaded guilty in January 2013 to one count of conspiracy to transport and/or receive stolen property.

According to court documents, beginning in May 2012, Crawford and Mauney, assisted by Hendricks, conspired to provide "protection" to tractor trailers transporting through Gaston County what the pair believed to be stolen merchandise and/or cash, officials said.

In fact, the officers were dealing with undercover federal agents who on multiple occasions represented the goods to be stolen. The two former officers used their credentials and legal authority to safeguard truckloads of "stolen" merchandise, including televisions, generators and chain saws, allegedly worth over $300,000, and more than $300,000 in cash "proceeds" from the sale of stolen merchandise. Hendricks role in the scheme was to provide protection and conduct counter-surveillance on one occasion, officials told WBTV.

Chief Chad E. Hawkins of the Cherryville Police Department said of the convictions, "Mr. Crawford's and Mr. Mauney's actions were a gross betrayal of their positions as police officers, which impacts the way the public views the police. It makes the task honest police officers face every day even harder than it already is."

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