Candidate had unlikely campaign manager

Kid campaign manager

DALLAS, NC (WBTV) - Stacey Malker Duff, candidate for the Town of Dallas Board of Aldermen, accepted her campaign manager sight unseen. The idea was a suggestion from her friend.

When Stacey found out just who she was getting to manage her first venture into politics, she was shocked to say the least.

You can find determination in the most unlikely places.

Even in a 10 year old boy. Stacey remembers the first phone conversation with Coleman Montgomery, as the two were planning campaign activities.

"I said Coleman, just drive up and meet me at McDonalds," Stacey said, "He said, Stacey I'm 10!"

The newcomer candidate had no idea but stuck with the suggestion anyway. The two worked tirelessly towards a victory. Check out the video story to see the results.

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