Concerns daycare owner charged with molestation may also be connected to child pornography

Good afternoon, Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom on a busy Thursday.

New concerns a daycare center owner charged with molesting kids may have been involved in child pornography. Robert Youngblood Kerby faced a judge on charges he molested kids. But investigators told us those charges could expand after they took several computer towers, storage devices and cameras from his home.  Meanwhile more parents have come forward to WBTV worried about what might have happened to their children. "I'm floored, I'm shocked, and I'm scared that he put his hands on my daughter," one parent told our Brody O'Connell.  Tonight Brody looks into what concerned parents are doing in light of the new allegations, and what the judge had to say in court.

Sneaky thief snatches belongings from offices with cameras rolling

In his weekly Crimestoppers report Paul Cameron has the photos of a thief who's been targeting office buildings in Ballantyne for months now.  With hundreds of security cameras all around him he still manages to steal from purses and desks and casually walks away.  But this crook has some distinctive characteristics and Paul has the pictures that could lead to his capture.

Happy Birthday Reverend Graham

Charlotte's beloved son, The Reverend Billy Graham, celebrates his 95th birthday in style! We're looking at how people in our area are making sure he knows how much he's loved.

Taste of winter?

We're not talking snow, but serious lows.  Temps about to take a nosedive! If you've got weekend plans make sure not to miss our First Alert Forecast at 5:00.

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