Kids Voting Counts for Their Future

Campaign signs are in the process of coming down, but interest in good citizenship is going up.  Students across our area had the opportunity to vote on Election day through a nonprofit called Generation Nation.

Before students voted at Ridge Road Middle School, they did their homework on the issues and the candidates.

"We want to vote for the person we think will get the job done. Correct?" said LaToya Howell.

Howell is a 6th grade teacher.  She said all year long students learn about being in a democracy.

"It helps them become great citizens themselves," said Howell.

"Raise your hand if you found things you did not agree with," asked Kate Collishaw.

Collishaw's students used their own electronic devices to prepare to vote.

"First we scan into this Web site," said 6th grader Mackenzie Bookamer.

Bookamer looked at Generation Nation's student voter guide created by students. (

"We had three facts that were important to us and then we looked up the CMS bonds," said Bookamer.

Most of the students supported approving the bond referendum and hoped adults were well informed.

"You get to vote for this. $290 million dollars is a lot of money. And it will affect many people and many students in the future," said 6th grader Cristian Ponce.

Students cast their ballots electronically.

Some even sand, "Pork chop, pork chop, greasy greasy. Voting is easy easy."

"That's right," said Howell.

"It is so important because you can make decisions that can impact our world," said Howell.

Students explained why they voted for certain mayoral candidates.

"He had a great background," said Bookamer, "He was the CEO, which he has a business background which will help other small businesses succeed."

"I voted for him because he said he would work with the city staff and council," said Ponce, "And he will try to make this community a safer place."

Their vote didn't determine who won this election, but it will prepare them for making important decisions.

If the kids decided, Generation Nation said Patrick Cannon would have won with 66% of the vote. And the CMS bond referendum would have been approved by 88%.

The Ridge Road Middle School students also supported Cannon for mayor by 80% and the bond issue by 91%.

That compares to adult voters who supported Cannon by almost 53% and the bond issue by 74%.