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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: UNCC Football Strikes Gold


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With only a few weeks remaining in college football's regular season, it's safe to call the first season of the UNCC 49ers football program a great success.

AS it stands right now the team has a shot at winning over half of their games for the year.

Not bad for a rookie team.

The addition of football to the athletics department of UNCC has been a win for many.

Annual giving to the school athletic department is up 56%.

And thousands of students and alumni are eager to support the team.

Some of Charlotte's most prominent business leaders are showing their support-- including Jerry Richardson, Hugh McColl, Jr. and Johnny Harris.

They have stepped up with donations and fundraising.

In addition, a number of big-name corporate sponsors are also happy to be a part of 49er history.

Enrollment at UNCC has been on the rise for years and is projected to reach 35,000 in the next decade.

This, along with the more than 110 thousand alums livings in and near Mecklenburg County creates a huge fan base.

Now, add in the recent groundbreaking of the light-rail line linking uptown and the UNCC campus and you have a recipe for a sold out stadium for each game.

Congrats to UNC-Charlotte for a great inaugural year.

You've definitely struck gold.

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