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Daycare volunteer doesn't mind the age difference


It's safe to say, not many daycares have a 5-day-a-week sit in great grandma on hand to help with the kids. Probably even fewer have one who's 100 years old.

Minnie Murphy doesn't mind the kids she sits with 5 days a week at Quaker Meadows Generations Child Care, are 97 years her junior.

"I was tired of sitting at home, couldn't find nothing to do."

Minnie started her volunteer work 13 years ago. She has grown to love the children who are around 3 years old.

"I guess I understand children," Minnie says with a smile, "because I've had 8 of my own."

During her volunteer hours, the woman they call "Meemaw" helps with activities, reads during story time, and helps serve lunch. If you watch her in action you'd have no idea her age.

Although she says this is the year she might retire, 3 years ago when we interviewed Minnie, she said the same thing.

It's likely if we were to visit again in another 3 years, there would be a new generation of kids, but the same Meemaw hugging on each one.

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