Wearable apps to keep an eye on your kids

Tech to track your kids

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - That parental panic that kicks in whenever a while is out of sight without mom or dad knowing where they are is something to which every parent can related.

Now technology has parent's backs by stepping in to help parents be in two places at once.

You can purchase some new apps and tech to give you peace of mind. Below, WBTV's cyber expert Theresa Payton shares her advice and shows us some apps and technology that she likes:

Types of Tracking:

Tracking devices. Some look like a watch or a pin but they essentially track the wearer's whereabouts and some offer additional features.

  • Filip. You can send voice calls to it from up to 5 people that you authorize. It also knows your child's location if they are wearing the device.
  • eZoom. Meant to go in a backpack or small bag, it tracks your kid's whereabouts.

Setting boundaries. Have a rule of "don't cross the street!"? You can set up a digital fence – think doggie invisible fence meets kids' safety.

  • Trax app. If your kid's phone cross your boundary, you get an alert. You can also ask your cell provider what services they offer.
  • Amber Alert GPS. Tracks your kids and will send an alert if they pass by a registered sex offender's address.
  • Canary. This app helps you track your teens driving and digital habits while in the car. Alerts about speed, location, and mobile usage are sent to the parent.

Panic Buttons/Alerts. Some of the wearable technology offers a panic button that can be pressed to automatically send a distress signal

  • In Distress? 5Star Urgent Response is a one button press to emergency responders and to you.
  • Missing kids? One tracker also works as a missing kid alert system, the BeLuvv Guardian connects to an app and if a missing kid is near your phone that app will alert you

If your child is old enough to carry and use a smart phone, your device carrier will have safety tracking options that allow you to monitor there whereabouts and their digital tracks.

Safety tips:

  1. Practice using the devices with your kids
  2. Talk to your kids about why the devices are important so you don't end up with a lost or disabled device
  3. Read the privacy and security settings carefully to make sure you know how to set up the app so it's safe for you and your kids.

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