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Upstate 1-year-old with neurological disorder self-propels wheelchair

One-year-old Wyatt in his wheelchair smiling for the camera. (File/FOX Carolina) One-year-old Wyatt in his wheelchair smiling for the camera. (File/FOX Carolina)

A neurological disorder called Transverse Myelitis paralyzed an Upstate boy from the waist down before his first birthday, but now he's moving in a way that doctors have never seen someone so young do before.

Wyatt's mother, Abby Banks, said the disorder changed everything about six months ago.

"In a couple of hours, he basically went from a healthy baby to a rag doll," said Banks.

The disorder is an auto immune response that attacks the spinal cord.

"It initially paralyzed him from the neck down," Banks said.

Wyatt has been in and out of doctor's offices across the country, including Shriners Children's Hospital in Greenville, that have made him more comfortable with fitted braces.

As of now, Wyatt's ability to move his hands and neck have returned but doctors are still waiting on his lower half.

His parents said Wyatt is doing something that no one his age has ever done before.

"We just put him in a wheelchair to see what he can do. We didn't expect him to push at this point but we put him in there, held out a toy and he knew what to do," Banks said.

His mom and dad said it is bittersweet to see their little warrior conquer this kind of obstacle.

"I'm no longer going from scared and my child is in a wheelchair to look at my child go," Banks said.

Wyatt's family said just seeing his smile reminds them of something very important.

"We can't worry about tomorrow, I can only make sure he's happy today and tomorrow will take care of itself," Banks said."

Wyatt continues to do physical therapy and treatment at Shriners Hospital. His parents and doctors are hopeful that he will soon be able to walk.

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