Good News: Destination Daddy

Walking with a purpose

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For Chanelle Mendoza, the journey of a thousand miles started a week ago, with a single step in Killeen, Texas.

"After today I'll be going to Greensboro and Raleigh, today's a triple city day."

She set a goal when she started. 30 miles on foot in one city, then on to the next in a car. When it comes to walking, at 202 miles, she's far short of that GOAL.

But as for the purpose behind each footstep, her mission has far from failed.

As she's walked the streets of a half dozen different cities, Chanelle has passed out hundreds of flyers pleading with people to get checked for the most common types of cancer.

"If I touched one person that's all that matters," Chanelle said.

No doubt she's touched dozens. But probably nobody more than the man she's walking for, her father.

"10 years ago, they caught it early enough they could do something about it, now it's come back stronger and spread to his lungs," Chanelle said.

Prostate cancer has taken a cruel toll on her father. He lives in Morrisville, North Carolina and right now, has no idea his daughter has taken almost a half a million steps towards his door.

"So I kinda wanted to do something to show him that I'm his baby girl and he's taught me a lot and I wasn't the perfect kid."

Her Dad might disagree, When Chanelle shows up at his door, all out of flyers, all out of energy. But as full of love as a parent can only pray their child may one day be.

"I just want him to be proud." Chances are he already is.

Chanelle is also raising money for research during her walk. For more information check out her page at