Some voters find problems trying to cast ballots this Election Day

Good afternoon Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom on what's turned out to be a chilly but sunny Election Day.

There are several local races across the Carolinas and we have you covered.   We should know later tonight who will become the new mayor of city of Charlotte.  But Election Day wasn't without a few glitches.  We uncovered voting problems for people at one precinct in west Charlotte.  It turns out a water main break on Freedom Drive kept some people from the polls.  WBTV's Ashton Pellom is talking with voters and elections officials about the unexpected obstacle.  We'll have your best live team coverage starting at 5:00.

911 call adds new details to bizarre murder case.

Our Brody O'Connell has spent the day digging into the strange murder of a Lincoln County.  Deputies say she was hit and left for dead in the middle of a highway.  We're learning more about the man accused of murdering Sherry Jo Tobeler.    Police say 25 year old Derek Williams ran over Tobeler with her own truck then enlisted two others to help him cover up the crime by driving the vehicle into a pond.  Brody has the 911 call made that night and more on today's court appearance by the three suspects.

We're On Your Side getting potential safety hazard fixed

There's a new hotel in uptown Charlotte and it's got some people concerned for the safety people walking to nearby Panthers' games.  We put our See Click Fix team on it and we're getting results.  More tonight at five!

I hope you'll join me, Paul Cameron and Eric Thomas for WBTV News at 5:00.