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Women flock to erotic e-readers

Back in the day, women used to brown bag it. Hide the covers of their romance novels for fear of embarrassment.

Now, thanks to the privacy of e-readers, more women are downloading racy novels without anyone knowing.

"I think it makes it easier or more accessible. Certainly I've sat on the train or the plane reading erotic fiction and no one is none the wiser," said Sia St. Martin. Not only does she read erotica e-books, St. Martin writes them, too.

It's a hobby which doesn't seem to fit with her background, but St. Martin says the novels provide an escape, a chance to live vicariously through someone else.

Some marriage counselors have discovered there's another added benefit.

"We actually offer that as a prescription," said Diane Parks, a certified counselor, sex therapist and nurse practitioner. "It's very beneficial, if that's what you need," she said.

Thursday night at 11, WBTV's Sharon Smith explores the allure of erotica e-books and who's behind the demand.

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