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Patrick Cannon: 'I am humbled' after winning Charlotte mayoral race

New Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon and family New Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon and family
Edwin Peacock III concedes to new Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon Edwin Peacock III concedes to new Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon

Charlotte Democrat Patrick Cannon has been elected as the city's new mayor in a close race that ended just six-percentage points apart.

Tuesday's election pitted the 47-year-old Democrat Cannon against 43-year-old Republican Edwin Peacock. Both candidates touted plans to help create new jobs in Charlotte.

At one point, Cannon and Peacock were less than 700 votes apart.

Cannon ended with 52.95% of the votes over Peacock's 46.85%, giving Cannon a 6,266 vote lead in the unofficial results.

"Thank you Charlotte! I am happy, but in as much as I am happy, I am humbled," mayor-elect Cannon told a crowd during his acceptance speech. "I am humbled because this didn't have to be, but you made it so."

"You know I said when I won the primary in September that winning never gets old. That's still true, but to be introduced by our legendary, former mayor Harvey Gantt as the next mayor of Charlotte is still humbling, to say the least," he continued.

"Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I am realizing a life goal. I have been on this journey since I entered politics two decades ago, at the age of 26, and have met so many great Charlotteans along the way."

"I tell you again, I've been on a journey. A journey where there hasn't been any crystal stairs. Things I've had to learn from, things I've had to gain from. But we've all grown together and I so thank you for being there for me today."

Cannon thanked God, his family and supporters.

He also thanked his competitor, Edwin Peacock III.

"I just spoke with him before I took the podium tonight. I told him how much I appreciate and admire the solid campaign that he ran. I want you all to give a hand to Edwin Peacock."

Peacock was seen at a disadvantage from the beginning, 50-percent of Charlotte's 550,000 registered voters are Democrats. About 23-percent are Republicans, the rest unaffiliated.

Cannon will replace Anthony Foxx, who was appointed by President Barack Obama as U.S. Transportation Secretary.

Patrick Cannon has been part of local elections since the 1990s and has never lost an election.

He was first elected from the city's south side in District Three and was later elected to serve at large.

Cannon currently served as Mayor Pro-tem and heads up Charlotte's public safety committee.

Peacock is a native Charlottean who has served on council from 2007 to 2011 and runs an investment firm.

Peacock was a 2012 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House representing the 9th Congressional District of North Carolina.

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