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Good News: Donated blood saves Phlebotomist's life


You just never know who's life will be saved when you donate blood. For some, it may very well be the person drawing it.

LaDonna Allison has been a Phlebotomist with the American Red Cross for 19 years. She's always enjoyed knowing her job is helping to save lives, but 4 years ago, one of those lives was her own.

"I was in a diabetic coma for two weeks," LaDonna said. Along with diabetes, Doctors discovered a disorder that causes her to be severely anemic. In the last 4 years, 10 units of blood has helped boost her hemoglobin and save her life.

"It's one thing when you take the blood, but when you see the end results, now that's awesome," said LaDonna.

She said each unit of blood she draws from donors now looks a little different knowing at any time, it could be going to her.

"Laying there in the hospital, I was looking at that blood and I was really looking at it and I was like, this is what I do everyday," said LaDonna. After seeing the life-saving impact first hand, she now says she could never imagine doing any other job.

The holidays are an especially critical time for blood donation. The Red Cross has an easy to use website where donors can put in their zip code and find the closest donation center or mobile unit.

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