A guide to getting good sleep

A Guide to Getting Good Sleep

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A lack of sleep can leave you feeling cranky and sluggish.  Now we're learning of more side effects.

A recent study found that sleep loss can cause hormonal changes that increase appetite, specifically a craving for carbohydrates. Researchers found sleep-deprived adults consume an additional 250 calories a day, while a 2012 Mayo Clinic study found young adults consumed an additional 500 calories when sleeping fewer than the recommended eight hours each night.

Dietician Mikela Mitchell visited WBTV News Sunday Morning to talk about the connection between a good night's sleep and overall health, as well as how certain foods and healthy bedtime habits can promote better sleep.

She also showed us how to prepare a lavender steamer to help with sleep and the recipe can be found here.

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