Coach LaMonte: Removing the M.A.S.K.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Our Master Life Strategist, Coach LaMonte, reveals part of his personal story that caused him to wear a mask for so much of his life.

On WBTV News Saturday Morning he discussed living a "Masked Life" out of fear of confronting the person they truly are.   His thoughts follow:

Who are you?  People typically answer this question in E.R.R.O.R

  • Experiences
  • Roles
  • Road Blocks
  • Occupation
  • Responsibilities

How to remove the M.A.S.K.

Mind   Mind is the foe until you make it a friend We are typically programmed to think less of ourselves

Ask    Ask yourself the questions you are afraid to answer. Your healing is in the answers you face

Stop   Stop blaming yourself for the things you can no longer control

Keep  Know your real story

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