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Food Stamps benefits slashed starting November first


State officials say food banks in North Carolina are bracing for higher demand because of cuts to the federal food stamp program.

Money set aside during the President's stimulus plan from 2009 ended at midnight Friday.

Paris Black, a single mom from Charlotte had strong words about how she thinks the government sees the less fortunate.

"It's like the poor -- you don't, you're not important," she said. "You're not gonna get what you need."

This will be the second time her benefits have been cut in less than a month.

"When they had the first government shutdown, they actually did get cut once so," said Black. 

Sadly, her story isn't unique.

The number of Americans who depend on food stamps skyrocketed 77 percent from 2007 to 2012.

Food stamp benefits will be slashed by 5 billion dollars this year alone. Which means that monthly average of 133 dollars is no more -- and folks will have 36 fewer dollars to spend on groceries.

"That's at least 5, 6 meals right there which would last almost a week," Black said.

Local food banks like Second Harvest will try to fill that gap. Folks there told WBTV they could see the need spike in the coming months.

While Black is grateful for such a resource, she says trying to do more with less is never easy.

"That's one more night you gotta think how you're going to get this or that," she said.  

This is just the beginning in terms of these deep cuts -- billions more is slated to be cut from the program over the next two years.

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