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Police: New evidence found in Albemarle murder

Roger Gibson (Hartsell Funeral Home) Roger Gibson (Hartsell Funeral Home)

The Albemarle Police Department is investigating the city's first homicide of the year after a business owner was shot during an armed robbery and died at the hospital.

Officers responded to a distress call at B&G Coins on Concord Road Thursday afternoon. They found store owner Eldridge Roger Gibson, 81, lying on the floor with a gunshot wound.

Gibson was rushed to the hospital, but died from his injuries at about 10:30 p.m.

"It's a terrible thing, I'm just astonished," said Richard Hunnycutt.  Hunnycutt's business is right across the street from the coin shop.  "He had no enemies that I knew anything about."

"He was happy," said Mary Eudy.  Eudy's home is very close to the coin shop and she told WBTV she spoke to Gibson just a short time before he was murdered.  "He cutting up, kidding around like he always does when he's standing out and somebody walks through."

According to a press release issued Friday morning by police, video footage shows someone entered the business, stayed for about 20 minutes, and left driving the victim's pickup truck.

The pickup truck was found Saturday afternoon just miles away from the crime scene.

Police say they found the truck at City Lake Park.

On Tuesday police also said that the lead investigator in the case, Captain David Dulin, has been replaced.  Dulin is part of an SBI investigation that is independent of the Gilbert case, according to police.

Also, investigators said they are analyzing evidence that was collected by police and the SBI from the crime scene.

Police say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information is asked to call the Albemarle Police Department at 704.984.9500.

A Concord realtor who also owns a carwash in Albemarle is trying to put together a reward fund.

"It's time for community to step up," Lanny Lancaster told WBTV.  "He was a good old guy. I was trying to buy a silver dollar every week or two for my kids from the shop. This been on my mind all week, can't believe it happened, and it's the kind of crime we do not need to tolerate."

Anyone interested in helping with the reward can contact Lancaster at 704.791.5399.

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