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SC GOP’s ‘ObamaCare Isn’t Working’ tour stops in Rock Hill

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Earlier this week, the South Carolina GOP kicked off its statewide "ObamaCare Isn't Working" tour and Thursday, state and local republican leaders stopped in Rock Hill to discuss their displeasure with the Affordable Care Act and how it affects small businesses.

 "It's business paralysis. Everybody is in ‘I don't know mode'. That's uncertainty and uncertainty in any business market is never a good thing," said DES Firearms instructor DeWayne Saunders.

Saunders only has one full-time employee on his staff and that's him.

He says he would love to hire new help, but is hesitant due to what he calls uncertainty of ObamaCare.

"We just don't know what's going on with the total ramifications, even if we hire a part-time employee," he continued.

Thursday, state GOP and some county leaders met at DES apart of the "ObamaCare Isn't Working" tour.

South Carolina GOP Chairman Matt Moore claims ObamaCare is ending millions of South Carolinians existing insurance policies and putting small business owners at risk.

"It is disastrous for small business like the one we're ion today. It is disastrous for taxpayers," said Moore.

But supporters of the Affordable Care Act say not so fast.

York County Democratic Party Chairperson Dr. Pat Calkins says many small businesses in the Palmetto State won't be affected by ObamaCare.

"If they employ less than 50 people and most small businesses do, then they do not have to provide insurance for their employees," said Dr. Calkins.

Saunders just isn't convinced quite yet.

"Yeah, they say that until you try to lure a good quality, skilled person, even for part-time work and you really can't offer them health insurance. They can find that somewhere else and that's where they're going to go," said Saunders.

So far, the federal government has not released the number of how many people have successfully signed up for ObamaCare.

The South Carolina Democratic Party spokesperson, Kristin Sosanie, released this statement in response to Thursday's GOP press conference:

"While the SCGOP bloviates on national politics by criticizing website problems that Democrats and Republicans admit must be corrected, millions of South Carolina families and businesses who were exposed to identity theft under Nikki Haley's watch struggle to sign up for the credit monitoring they were promised right here at home. South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, but Nikki Haley chose to leave 44,000 jobs on the table and send South Carolinians' tax dollars to generate economic activity in other states because of Tea Party politics. What's ‘not working' for South Carolina is Nikki Haley's incompetence and record of economic failure that hurts the people and businesses of this state every single day."


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