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Students caught dangerously crossing the street

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Neighbors say crossing the street can be dangerous, especially at a section along Park Road near Quail Corners Shopping Center. Drivers say Charlotte Mecklenburg school (CMS) students skip using the crosswalk and instead dodge across six lanes of traffic to get to the other side.

"There should be a stop light right here," Neighbor Dawn Hand said. "That is a no brainer. We are going to wait until somebody's kid gets killed and then there will be an action taken. We need to be proactive in this."

Students use the stretch of Park Road to walk to Quail Hollow Middle or South Mecklenburg High School.  Parents are concerned.

"This kid just darted out," CMS Parent Amy Marshall said. "And I was like, Oh my gosh, I had to hit the brakes and then he jumped into the median."

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) is now reviewing to see if other safety measures need to be done along that stretch of road.  Recommendations should come back by the end of the year, that could include installing a traffic signal. In the meantime neighbors say they are forced to be more aware of their surroundings so no one gets hurt.

"Crazy," Business owner Karen Holder said. "Anytime I see anybody, whether an adult or kid trying to cross that street - you might as well cross Independence Blvd. or I-77."

CMS officials say they have known about this for a year.  They have warned students to use the crosswalk near the school instead of darting out in traffic. WBTV cameras saw several students doing the right thing and others doing the wrong thing.  Students aren't alone, WBTV cameras also caught adults not using the crosswalk. 

"It's too busy to try and cut across." Holder said.

Holder says this type of behavior has been going on for years, since Quail Corners Shopping Center opened about 30 years ago. She hopes 30 years from now things will get better.

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