What's It Worth?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Joy Shiver calls what she does "blessed work." She is a matchmaker of sorts. She reunited lost family heirlooms with their rightful owners.

"I think these things are meant to be back in the family for the person whoever it might be who really cares about their heritage," Shiver said.

On her website, JustAJoy.com, she's able to connect families, using only their names, with items that may belong to their ancestors but may be in the possession of antique dealers around the country.

"Almost every time we make a match there are tears," Shiver said.

She's been a lover of antiques and a dealer of them for a long time. On so many things Joy collected, there were names. The names didn't mean much to her but she knew they did to someone.

"There was a need to create an avenue where someone like myself could interact with the families," she said.

She's reunited families with bibles, pictures, and documents that should have been passed down through generations. She also found a World War 1 sword and a Revolutionary War gun for families.

"Geneology is so important. It makes us bigger than ourselves and gives something to future generations," Joy said.

The annual membership fee is 20 dollars and that allows you to enter 20 surnames into the system that will be searched. As antique dealers add new items to the site, users get emails alerting to a connection that could be made.