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Halloween Treat Map tells neighbors which house is giving out treats


Is trick or treating just about getting candy? Or, is roaming neighborhoods, knocking on doors part of the thrill of Halloween? Some people are giving up the random door knocking and going high tech with an online map that shows which houses will be handing out treats.

It's called the Halloween Treat Map and it's on the Nextdoor.com web site.

Nextdoor.com is a free, private social network designed for specific neighborhoods - so neighbors can "communicate instantaneously to the community."

Only people who live in the community can join, go online, and post information. Nextdoor.com says there are 22,500 neighborhood web sites in all 50 states.

For Halloween, according to Nextdoor.com, 143 member neighborhoods in Charlotte are using the Treat Map to help plan their trick-or-treating.

Anne Dreshfield of Nextdoor.com says the treat map "takes the guess work and aimless wandering out of Halloween to ensure you find the best, most convenient route possible for trick-or-treaters."

Park South Station is one of the Charlotte neighborhoods using the treat map.

"I think it's a great tool for parents who are new to the neighborhood to see the people who are handing out candy. It's a safety net for them" says Diane Prussing. "As a parent, I think safety is one of the biggest concerns for Halloween."

Prussing listed her house on the Nextdoor.com Park South neighborhood treat map. When neighbors log in to their neighborhood website, they can "see house by house - everybody that's drop a candy corn said absolutely we'll be home to hand out candy for trick or treaters."

Prussing says "this is just one more avenue to let parents know we can stop here. We know they're giving out candy so there's no question about it" she says.

The site allows residents to print out a map and take it with them or view it on-the-go on the Nextdoor iPhone app.

According to Nextdoor.com, the top 5 neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Charlotte based on the Nextdoor Treat Map are Ardrey, Mt. Isle Harbor, Park South Station, NoDa, and Enclave at Providence

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