Father defends accused hostage-taking son

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How much can a parent take? Tonight we talk to the father of the man who police say took hostages and fired at police while trying to steal pills from the Belmont CVS pharmacy.  Howard Russ tells us he loves his son and supports him, but can't condone what he did.

Elaborate. Expensive. And one of the most intricate indoor marijuana growing operations deputies say they've ever seen. The homeowner was arrested after a tip from his neighbors. He says he was growing pot for his own medicinal use after losing a leg when he was 14-years old.

Wash your hands. Shigella is making a lot of school kids in Cabarrus County sick. It's a highly contagious and severely debilitating stomach bug.

Which Charlotte mayoral candidate raised more campaign money-- the well-known and longest running member of city council? Or, the lesser-known, one-time councilman who is considered a dark horse? With more than $600,000 raised so far, Republican Edwin Peacock has the largest war chest.

But it's a contribution from Jerry Richardson to Democrat Patrick Cannon that has raised some eyebrows. Cannon, who didn't vote when Richardson asked the city for $87.5 Million in stadium improvements, explains to me why there was nothing questionable about the $1,000 donation.

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