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Healthcare premiums vary county to county

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Two million Americans will soon lose their health insurance policies, and people in our area have been showing us letters saying their current coverage does not completely comply with the health care law. 

That's because a lot of plans are not wide enough to meet the government's new standards, and Huntersville resident Bob Baldwin says expanding coverage means expanding prices in his household.

"Monday of this week my wife and I discovered that the Affordable Care Act is an oxymoron," Baldwin says, "because we received notification from my wife's insurance provider that her new rates effective January 1st will be more than double what they are now."

It's a situation people all over the state are finding themselves in, but exactly how much these new expanded policies might cost them depends on where they live. 

According to the government exchange, the counties where premiums are least expensive are west of The Triangle, including Durham, Lee and Orange Counties.

The counties where premiums are most expensive are in and around Charlotte.

Ellison Clary is with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 

"The variables are many including cost of health care in the region, the general health of the population and doctor practices and a wide number of variables go into that," Clary says.

Blue Cross Blue Shield collects county by county information based on physicals and questionaires clients fill out.

Things like the number of smokers in a county, the average amount of exercise people get, regional diets - it all factors in the equation.

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