"I'm going to shoot this man" alleged hostage taker to police

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"I'm going to shoot this man if you come in the store" - Edward Russ on 9-1-1 call

The 9-1-1 Calls from inside CVS hostage situation were just played for reporters. Belmont police are giving us a new understanding of just how tense the six hour hostage situation was inside the pharmacy last Friday. Edward Russ is being held on five million dollars bond after police say he stormed into the pharmacy and took four people, including one customer, hostage. He's also accused of using a scope rifle to fire at officers who arrived at the scene. WBTV's Brody O'Connell is listening to those calls and will have a live report.

Man tells WBTV he was growing pot for "pain medication"

Investigators uncovered an elaborate marijuana growing operation in Caldwell County this morning. Deputies raided the home on Conway Dr where they say Jason Lewis was using high quality equipment and chemicals to grow as many as 31 plants. The street value is estimated at $77,000. But Lewis tells our Steve Ohnesorge that after losing a leg and hurting his back in an accident, pot was his way of avoiding pain meds. What deputies think about that claim, tonight at 5:00.

Last tax free weekend for appliances in North Carolina is almost here

This weekend stores in North Carolina won't charge sales tax for purchases of Energy Efficient major appliances like washers, freezers and air conditioners. The tax holiday can save you hundreds of dollars at check out! But our Melissa Hankins explains why the state thinks the tax holiday is actually costing the taxpayers in the long run, that's why it's coming to an end.

Meteorologist Eric Thomas is watching a system moving this way and tracking how much rain, if any, we'll see on Halloween. He's got your best look at the chance for rain in his First Alert forecast tonight at five.

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Will we have soggy ghosts and goblins?