How to avoid common elderly scams

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As people look for ways to make a quick buck, experts are warning retirees not to get sucked into investment frauds.

But years of experience keeps Arlene Lot from becoming an easy target.

"I log on to the computer and there will be something there saying from Bank of America and I'll answer the questions and all of a sudden they're asking me questions they shouldn't be asking."

Yet seniors are one of the main targets as criminals look to victimize them.

In fact the Better Business Bureau says most fraud victims are over the age of 50

"I had my mother who was in her late 70's be scammed when she got a call supposedly from her bank wanting to verify something on her checking account," said Gail Rothschild a volunteer Levine Senior Center in Matthews.

That's why BBB senior vice president Maryanne Daily is taking a proactive approach.

"Identity theft is always going to be one of prevalent types of consumer fraud," said Daily.

"We also have Medicare fraud we also have investments frauds."

Her organization will be visiting the Levine Senior Center providing fraud information.

"Between being a very sociable trustworthy type of group and between having money to take from them they are very much a preyed upon group of individuals," said Daily.

A scenario Arlene has encountered by phone and computer.

"They are saying they are from the banks," said Lot.

"You are not going to be contacted by telephone and asked for your personal information," added Daily.

An awareness that could help save a lifetime of earnings.

"I know what they should be asking and not asking," said Lot.

The BBB says once you've been a victim of fraud it's very difficult to get your money back.

That's why the organization urges you contact them or law enforcement before they hand over a check, wire any money or hand over cash.

Fraud Awareness Seminar for Older Adults

If you are going,

Date: Wednesday, October 30

Location: Levine Senior Center in Matthews, N. C., 1050 DeVore Lane, Matthews, N.C. 28105

Cost:  Free. This event is open to the public, but seating is limited. Registration is suggested.

To register: Call (704) 846-4654 or sign up at the Levine Senior Center


  • ·8:30 a.m. - Registration and complimentary light breakfast
  • ·9 a.m. to 12 noon - Program

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