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Kids twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween

It's an alarming statistic: children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween versus any other day. That's according to the Safe Kids organization.

It's why Charlotte Mecklenburg Police will be out in full force come Thursday.

That's good news to Kristin Beard, the parent of the three year-old.

"It's just knowing that you've got to be more cautious and teaching [him] the right lessons as well to make sure that he's extra careful as he's going from house to house," she said.

CMPD Officer Craig Allen says expect to see more officers on patrols --and on foot.

"You need to be watching out for the kids because obviously they're not going to be watching out for us in the cars," he pointed out. "Watch your speed, watch for kids cutting in and out of cars running across the street."

Another biggie? Making sure your child is wearing something that makes it easy for drivers to see them.

"Try and wear light-colored clothing if you can," he said. "Wear something that will illuminate."

That's something Beard says she's already planning on.

"He's gonna have glow stick and one of those necklaces that will draw attention him as well," she said.

Other tips? Walk only on the sidewalks, not in the road. Police also say to only approach houses with an outside light on and parents, be sure to inspect all of your child's candy before they eat it.

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