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See, Click, Fix: Guardrail being considered for highway

This is Highway 73 in Huntersville. This particular spot of the two lane road is near McGuire Nuclear. Just one over correction and drivers could end up wheels up in this ditch!

"There's no guard rails on the side of the road up there. There's a gully big enough to put about two school buses in, maybe three," says the anonymous who reported the problem to WBTV's Christine Nelson.

There's nothing at the road's edge, but rocks, that can stop a moving vehicle from falling into this drop.

"You had this little chore project one time about fixing things in Mecklenburg County," the viewer continued to say in the voicemail referring to See, Click, Fix.

NCDOT got a message from us a few days ago about whether the need for a guardrail here is warranted. A representative responded letting us know this area is already on their radar.

"I'd kinda like to see some results on this because if a car went in there, it's a long climb to the top to get back out! Thanks and have a good day," the viewer explains.

NCDOT has done some work on this road, most recently this summer when crews resurfaced the roads.

As for the guard rail, NCDOT says it is still considering an addition there.

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