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School, community cope with Phoenix shooting rampage

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Michael Guzzo (Source: PharmaBlog 2010) Michael Guzzo (Source: PharmaBlog 2010)

There are still more questions than answers for many living in a Phoenix condominium complex where police say Michael Guzzo, 56, went on a rampage and murdered a neighboring family of four.

Bruce Moore, 66, Michael Moore, 42, Renee Moore, 38, and her son, Shannon Moore, 17, were found murdered inside their townhome on Saturday along with two family dogs.

Shannon Moore was a special needs student at Desiderata Alternative School, which had grief counselors on hand for the student's first day back in class since the murders.

"He was such a nice student," Principal Manny Calderon said. "[The students] were just so heart stricken, saying, 'How could it happen to him?'"

The school of just over 100 students expressed their grief by writing notes and letters to Shannon Moore's remaining family members.

"All the students know each other so well," Calderon said. "This student was in his home and this happened, so how can I trust that I'll be safe? That was a very overwhelming concern of many of our students, saying it's just scary."

Desiderata Alternative School sent a letter home to parents, alerting them of the incident over the weekend:

October 28, 2013

Dear Parent/Guardian:

This letter is to notify you of our response to an incident involving one of our students. We believe it is important to inform parents about any event that might impact our students and campus.

The Desiderata community is dealing with the death of one of our students. The student, along with his family, was killed this past weekend in a tragic and senseless incident. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of our student. Because of our small size, and the personal relationships we develop at Desi, this tragedy touches everyone.

We mobilized our crisis management team, and Monday morning we gave students and staff news of our student's passing and offered special counseling attention to the staff and classmates. We brought in a team of grief counselors to help us deal with the loss of one of our students. Your student may have taken advantage of these services.

It is important for teenagers to express their feelings when grieving. Teenagers should accept their feelings as natural and be allowed to cry, talk about the loss or have a laugh. Encourage teenagers to talk and listen to each other. You should also engage in a conversation with your child, using open-ended questions to get them to talk, such as "How are you feeling right now?" or "How do you know the person?" Sometimes students feel the need to express themselves by writing or drawing. Because you know your child's experiences with tragedy or loss, be aware of how past experiences might impact their feelings now.

Remember, too, that the adults on campus are experiencing a great deal of emotions. Remind your students to be good to their teachers and staff who are upset.

Our intervention measures and professionally-trained specialists will continue to be available for our students and staff. We care deeply about each and every student, and have many resources available to serve their needs, both academically and emotionally.


Manuel Calderon

Principal, Desiderata

Police say they may never know why Guzzo opened fire on the Moore family, although witnesses suggest he was bothered by barking dogs.

Guzzo was a registered pharmacist who had no record of major run-ins with the law, but former co-workers of his told CBS 5 News Guzzo did have a short fuse and did not work well with others but said they were shocked to hear he'd be capable of such violence.

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