$800,000 for bathroom renovation?

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Would you pay $800,000 for a bathroom renovation? Charlotte taxpayers are doing just that. City Council tonight decided to gussy-up the ladies room at the Blumenthal-- a make-over that hasn't happened since 1992.

In what may have an eventual effect on North Carolina's new law, a federal judge says new abortion restrictions in Texas are unconstitutional. The provisions would have closed a third of the clinics. Supporters say the law protects women and unborn children.

With the Obamacare website so badly broken, the White House has finally granted a six-week extension for people to sign up.  You now have until March 31st, but stay tuned, some politicians on both sides of the aisle want the administration to postpone it by a full year.

Four months after the relentless storms and subsequent flooding, one neighborhood in Iron Station has a new bridge to drive home on. These folks spent four months having to hoof it from their houses to the main road.

One of the Carolina Panthers players says he's getting picked on by the NFL Commissioner. Mike Mitchell just got handed his 5th fine of the season. That's 5 fines in 7 games.

Plus, Kelly Franson is examining the timing of a rain storm due here late on Halloween.

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