Good News: Sidewalk smiles mean the world

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This story suggestion came by way of an e-mail to the inbox. The e-mailer wrote about a man who works for Rodgers Builders at a project on East Morehead St. in  Charlotte. Here is an excerpt of her e-mail:

"He is always smiling and waving at the passing cars.  He says good morning to everyone that passes and always greets folks with a smile.  In a world where people walk right past each other, self focused, and can get caught up in complaining, it is so nice to have a genuine smiling face to greet you."

I can't tell you how glad I am Jen Evans took the time to send it. I met Tony Rice early one morning when he had no clue I was coming. I watched him for at least a half hour. Every single thing in the e-mail was more than true. It was wonderful.

The first question I asked Tony, "why are you smiling and waving?" He replied without so much as a breath, "because it doesn't cost anything."

I watched as Tony waved at almost every single car that came flying up and down Morehead that morning. Many didn't notice him, but he would almost twist around to make sure each car got their own individual wave. Many cars got their own, "Good morning!" as well.

After talking with Tony a while, he told me about an older gentleman he met while on another project in Myers Park. "You never know what somebody is going through," he said. And that sentiment was never truer after he finished his story.

Check out the video portion of the story to see why it's important to share your joy. Just like Tony shares his each and every day.

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