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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Doug Mayes - One More Newscast


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You probably know of Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, and Mike Wallace…

But for our area, the name that sits right atop the list of TV News legends is Doug Mayes.

A multi-talented man, Doug could have had a career in music – he's played bass fiddle at the Grand Ole Opry, and he still strums a pretty mean guitar.

But Doug decided he needed a little steadier paycheck

His deep, warm voice and keen intellect landed him a job in radio, which he ultimately parlayed into a long and respected TV News career.

Doug became WBTV's Esso Reporter back in the 1950s and was the dean of local news anchors for decades to come.

Well, we had a chance to invite Doug back onto our news set for one more anchoring gig a few weeks ago.

And what a treat it was for our staff and for the WBTV viewers.

Just as sharp and friendly as ever, Doug regaled us with stories of the old days, and made each of us feel like he'd known us for years.

At age 91, he did an exceptional job filling in for Paul Cameron on our 11pm newscast with Molly Grantham.

It was like he'd never left the anchor desk.

It was a great honor and joy to have Doug Mayes back in the building and in front of the camera.

If you'd like to see more pictures of Doug on his return to the station, please visit WBTV.com/slideshows.

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