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Gun range owner says new Indian Land facility near school will be safe

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Last week, some Indian Land residents told WBTV their concerns over an indoor gun range opening less than a mile from a new elementary school.

Now, the owner of the new range, who has another facility less than a mile from two schools in Cornelius, is speaking out.

As shots are fired at The Range of Lake Norman, some parents in Indian Land fear a similar indoor range being built 7/10ths of a mile from an elementary school currently under construction will put their children in harm's way.

"It's always going to be in the back of our minds, 'Is something going to happen?' I don't mean close to home, I mean in my front yard," said parent Jonathan Hardin.

The owners of the new range say there's nothing to fear.

In fact, The Range of Lake Norman is less than a mile from two schools and residential living areas.

One resident says, in the two years the range has been opened in Cornelius, there have been no issues.

"I don't see anything negative with having a range this close to the schools or to our neighborhood. From what I understand, most of the people that go to these ranges are responsible people," said Woody Keel.

Owners of the new range say it will have 18 firing lanes capable of handling handguns and long guns.

The building will have 9 inch thick concrete walls and rubber mounds where bullets can land after being shot.

"I would say teach your kids what to do in the event that something does occur and feel safe in the fact that you are close to a range, which generally will keep people from doing things they shouldn't be doing," said range owner Brian Sisson.

Some parents in Indian Land still aren't convinced.

"I think the proximity to the school is very questionable," said parent John Challis.

"It seems insensitive and maybe a little bit irresponsible relative to school shootings that have gone on in recent years," he continued.

Lancaster County School officials say feel that an indoor range is a safe venture in majority of all cases and student safety shouldn't be an issue.

The 5 acre facility on Indian Land's Harrisburg Road is set to open to the public in April 2014.

The new school will open in August.

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