Investigating the State Fair Vortex

The State Fair will stay open, but the investigation into what caused a ride to injure five people is far from over.  2 are in critical condition after the Vortex started up while riders were unloading. We're looking at the history of problems with the ride after authorities say it had a malfunctioning switch that was repaired days before the accident.

A police negotiator talked a man with a rifle into giving himself up peacefully at the CVS pharmacy in Belmont this morning.  He released his hostages unharmed. He was there, police say, to steal prescription drugs.

After kids hiding in a pile of leaves were run over and killed in Oregon, we're reminded of Charlotte's ordinance against sweeping loose leaves to the curb. Brigida Mack looks at the bagging law and how many people know about it.

More cases of Shigella in Cabarrus County. 14 kids are now infected with the contagious stomach bug.

Talk about icky-- those rubber masks people buy for Halloween are full of germs inside. A doctor tested masks off the shelf at a Halloween store and found them teaming with the stuff left behind from all the kids who try them on.

And we have a special surprise for the Football Friday Night show-- the JC Smith University band is in our studio.