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The hidden dangers of improperly raking leaves


You may have noticed the leaves are starting to pile up in your yard.

But before you pull out a rake, there are some real dangers to this simple task. Especially if you don't bag your leaves before putting them at the curb.Doing that is illegal in Charlotte Mecklenburg according to a ordinance WBTV uncovered.

As we get deeper into autumn, Jerry Jones of Charlotte, knows the dangers of leaving leaves un-bagged at the curb.

"Some kids might decide to play in them," he said. "And sometimes it be more than leaves that's in them."

That means taking the time to bag them so children aren't tempted.

"We got a lot of little ones out here," he said. "It's getting close to Halloween, also. Think about safety first. Cause sometimes a car could run over the leaves."

Or worse, like in Oregon where two little girls were hit and killed by car while playing in leaves at the curb.

According to that ordinance, it's illegal to put leaves at the curb without a bag because it can clog storm drains, is dangerous for children or can lead to car fires.

So what are the rules of the road when it comes to bagging your leaves?  The ordinance states colored bags must be left open while clear bags can be tied shut. They must also be placed on curb next to garbage and will be picked up on normal collection day.

It may seem like a simple thing, but Jones says it's worth taking the extra time to bag your leaves.

"See people don't think like that but you should always think about the unknown," he said.

If you don't heed the ordinance, the city will fine 50 dollars.

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