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Numbers show more CMS teachers are leaving the district


Numbers show more Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools teachers are leaving the district compared to last year. CMS reports dozens more. 

Since the beginning of this school year 169 teachers have resigned.  Last year there were 126 resignations...43 more.

The president of the Charlotte - Mecklenburg Association of Educators, Charles Smith, believes the higher departures are due to low wages and the state not offering more money to teachers who earn advanced degrees.

"Not appreciated," President of Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators Charles Smith said. "And that they go to figure out a better way to take care of their family financially."

Smith warned this would happen if the legislature continued to pass laws that would negatively impact teachers.  Now there are numbers to prove it. During the last General Assembly lawmakers approved no pay raises for teachers, no tenure and no extra money for those getting advanced degrees.

Republican lawmakers admit there are problems with teacher pay but it's not their fault.

"In three years of Republican control in Raleigh we have not ruined teacher pay in this state," Representative Charles Jeter said. "This is something that has been endemic for decades."

There is now a committee that will address teacher pay and there could be a reversal in the law that doesn't allow more pay for teachers with advanced degrees.

"I think we should have handled that it better," Jeter said. "We should have looked at it differently."

While the state tries to make it right by teachers, they are not waiting around to see if things will improve.

"Telling you are doing a great job," Smith said. "And patting you on the back that helps, but it doesn't help feed your family."

Students are now the ones paying the price. Effective teachers refuse to come to CMS because of North Carolina's track record.

"I've talked to principals," Smith said. "Who have tried to recruit out of state Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and even offer positions. They say I read the newspaper. I'm not coming to North Carolina, Sorry."

No one from CMS was available to comment about the district's efforts when it comes to recruiting and retaining teachers.

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