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Pork and politics at this year’s Mallard Creek Barbeque


Every year, the main attraction at the Mallard Creek barbecue is pork, and lots of it. It's the stuff that keeps the masses coming to the event year after year.

Charles Kimrey is the co-chair of this year's event, and he says extreme preparation is the key. "Seven tons of Barbeque, 26 hundred gallons of Brunswick Stew, and two tons of cole slaw."

Maximum exposure is the goal of candidates who turned out.

School board contests and city council races have peaked the voter's curiosity.

However in the home stretch run of mayor's race between Republican Edwin Peacock and Democrat Patrick Cannon things have turned into a case of point and counter point.

The Democrat Cannon says he's ready to lead, and asks, "Who has the ability of getting things done, and the ability of moving Charlotte forward?"

Republican Edwin Peacock says Cannon is inconsistent.

"My opponents plan changes every week, and he talks about almost everything out there," Peacock said.

If there is one issue that clearly puts Cannon and Peacock on separate pages, then look no further than Charlotte's street car project.

The Mayor Pro-Tem calls it and economic driver. "You have to make a convincing argument relative to the 45 hundred jobs that's proposed to the one point one square feet of development to be created, also 47 million dollars it will back to the tax base."

Peacock sees the project as a boondoggle.

"When you support a mass transit system, you have to be able to answer your harshest critics," he said. "Some of our harshest critics are going to be pointing to this street car and when it opens in 2015. There only gonna have roughly a thousand riders on that."

Voters head to the polls on November 5.

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