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Cancer survivor 'peps up' current cancer patients


Ron Haberle knows what it's like to have cancer.

"When I was 19, I had Hodgkin's lymphoma and I battled through that with chemotherapy and radiation.  Since battling cancer, I've always wanted to try and do something to help the kids and I never really knew what that was," said Haberle.

By day, he's a software developer. In his spare time, he runs "Pepped Up!" which brings portable entertainment like iPads and video games to kids going through treatment - just like he once did.

"It's a lot of time for the kids for the kids to stare at five or six channels that are on the TVs. We can give them an iPad or a device that's similar and they can download games, music, stay in touch with their friends on Facebook or mom and dad can email," said Haberle.

Edgar Casas Esquivel, 17, has been going through treatment at Cardon Children's Medical Center for about two years.  He said his new iPad helps take his mind off of being sick.

"You can put some music, or just think you are somewhere else.  Imagine that you're in Hawaii or something like that, you know," said Esquivel.

The staff at Cardon Children's can't speak highly enough about Haberle and his organization.

"Whether it's through a video game, whether it's through an iPad, whatever the avenue the child enjoys, it just brings them some distraction from all the medical things they have going on," said David Hyatt with Cardon Children's.

Ultimately, Haberle would like to put video games and Xbox 360s in all the rooms.

"At the end of the day, it makes me feel great, it makes me want to get up in the morning and find more kids to help," added Haberle.

Through a combination of donations and his own money, Haberle aims to help at least 10 children a month.

If you or your business would like to consider making a donation, please click here.

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