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Residents concerned about impact of proposed developments in South Charlotte


There's no doubt that the South Charlotte - South Mecklenburg area has grown in popularity. Developers want to build more.

The future plans are getting mixed reaction from residents.

"Some good. Some bad. That's the feedback we're getting" says Tim Timmerman of South Mecklenburg Alliance for Responsible Taxpayers.

In December, Charlotte City officials are scheduled to consider at least three rezoning petitions for this side of town.

On Providence Road - south of I-485 - there's a proposed development of mixed use residential and commercial. At Johnston and Marvin Roads - there could be a new neighborhood of up to 53 single family homes. And on Endhaven Lane - north side of I-485 - 220 multi family units could be coming.

The Endhaven Lane rezoning petition has some neighbors concerned.

"There's a lot of concern that this kind of development does nothing for the area" says Timmerman. "It does not maintain the kind of ambience that this area is noted for when it was first developed - to be single family primarily" says Timmerman. 

 Timmerman says South Charlotte typically has homes in the $250,00.00 to $400,000.00 range. He says there are places - some in the Ballantyne area - where multi family apartments are appropriate.

Timmerman says neighbors near Endhaven Lane don't believe a multifamily development would fit there.

"When you try to encroach on a neighborhood as we're hearing from people here, there are a lot of problems" he says. "I guess one thing I want to say is it doesn't take into account property owners' rights. The reason they came here in the first place, bought here."

Neighbors are concerned the proposed development will lead to overcrowding in the nearby Elementary School, and increased traffic on a road that already sees congestion.

In fact, the South Charlotte - South Mecklenburg area is one of the most clogged in the metro.

State officials say the widening of I-485 between I-77 and Rea Road will help ease traffic. A flyover bridge is also planned.

"This is not going to be a complete solution" says Jen Thompson of the N.C Department of Transportation. "We're looking at 2035 traffic volumes of almost 200,000 cars a day at that interchange" of I-485 and Johnston Road.

Thompson says the state is looking towards the future with other types of transportation options as that part of the County grows.

"We have a lot of needs. We don't have a lot of room to grow. We don't have a lot of room to expand by continually adding lanes to the outside or the inside for that matter" says Thompson. 

Longtime South Charlotte resident Sunday Ankrom understands why the area is so attractive to others.

"I just really like the schools, the neighborhoods" Ankrom says. "It's quiet. It's somewhat peaceful."

But after 11 years in South Mecklenburg, she can't ignore the changes.

"The neighborhood of course has changed. The traffic has gotten a lot worse on this side of town" she says. "If I had known I might have thought twice about it."

Now, if Charlotte city officials approve, more development could be coming.

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