Breaking: Woman just arrested after chase injures two officers

Good morning! It's Wednesday, October 23. This is Christine Nelson. I know this will be one of the first emails you read this morning. So let me give you a quick heads up on the stories making headlines and developed while you were sleeping. Tune in to WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-7:00 a.m. for full details.


A crazy turn of events overnight after a woman fled from police during a traffic stop in Clairmont. She literally hopped in the driver's seat while the man who was driving was getting arrested and took off! Multiple agencies had to be involved to capture her. Our Kristen Hampton has details on two officers who were injured during this incident and how the woman was caught.

Speaking out to a Charlotte news station for the first time, the fiance of Jonathon Ferrell, the man shot and killed by a CMPD officer, talks to WBTV. We'll tell you what she is now demanding from the Charlotte police department.

HAPPENING TODAY: The christening that will be talked about 'round the world. The Royal Baby, Prince George, will be baptized today. We'll have the details.

NASCAR becoming part of the school curriculum. And it's making more students job-ready. WBTV's Astrid Martinez has the in-depth look at the program.

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